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Crowley Screenplays

Putting Crowley on the Screen

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Aleister Crowley, in addition to all of his more celebrated distinctions and accomplishments, was also a consummate playwright, novelist, and ritualist.

Until now, nobody (besides Kenneth Anger, who has been taking his sweet ass time and may be dead before we see any results,) has made any effort to adapt these plays, novels, and rituals into screenplays and/or films. The purpose of this group is to bring together all of those fearless and adventurous artists who might have an interest in assisting myself and each other in the noble task of manifesting these works in this format.

I personally am most interested in writing screenplays for the gnostic mass and Moonchild, but any other screenplay ideas are welcome as well. My posts in this group will center on these two, as they are a huge task.

Also, feel free to visit and join our sister groups at myspace.com, tribe.net, and the yahoo! group. The myspace and tribe.net groups will receive the same notices, but has different members, so the content of the posts will probably be quite different. The yahoo group is meant primarily to be used as a files section, and membership will be moderated, in order to protect any works in progress that may be kept there from theft.
Welcome to the group, and thank you so much for putting your effort into this most worthy endeavour!